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A Chorus For A Cause

Harmony Ringers


Voices of Hope Youth Choir Present

The National Anthem


Canton Charge Game

Saturday, Feb.22,2014

"We were proud and honored to sing our National Anthem last night at the Canton Charge game" - FB comment  by chorus member

APPLAUSE from The Repository, May 30, 2013
Benefit concert was awesome

"On April 27 "A Chorus for a Cause" performed a benefit concert for Westbrook Park Meals on Wheels at Westbrook Park United Methodist Church. They also presented the same benefit concert April 28 at St. Timothy's Episcopalian Church in Massillon. They are truly a blessing from God.

Everyone, man and woman, in this chorus sings from their hearts and souls. They all donate their time and talents to raise funds for worthy nonprofit causes and they have been doing so for four years. They put on an awesome performance from the serious to the hilarious.  They are all to be commended. I cannot thank them enough. If anyone ever has the opportunity to attend one of their performances, I would advise you not pass it up!"

Russ Ryder,
Director, Westbrook Park Meals on Wheels